Just an LTD

Cast of Characters:  Tammie (my ex of 17 years); Cindy (her sister); David (Cindy’s husband) Cindy, Tammie and David were riding on country roads drinking and Cindy and Tammie had to pee.  They pulled over next to an embankment and David was the look out for cops.  Tammie and Cindy squatted down and started peeing […]

Just Mayo

I have to start off explaining who the cast of characters are: Tammie – my ex of 17 years (read my Too Damaged story); Vicki (her oldest sister);  Sammy (Vicki’s husband); Robert (her dad, which would make him Sammy’s father-in-law) Funny story, Sammy fell asleep, and Robert said, “son if you fall asleep with your […]