My Stint in the Mental Ward

We had to make a CD cover, with the front representing how people see you. On the inside, we had to list songs that explained how we really are: on the outside was a beautiful orange daisy. On the inside my 8 songs were: Who wants to live forever-Queen; Living on the edge-Aerosmith; Stairway to […]


Well, mom and Jorie got into a fight last night and mom moved out today.  I had to tell them I was not getting in the middle of this one because my sobriety depends on me doing what I have to do to stay clean.  It’s the first time I’ve not taken sides and stayed […]

Meds 1/14/14

I’m having my bipolar meds adjusted.  I was getting too much Lithium and that was causing me to sleep for the last 2 days.  I already have Hep C and cirrhosis which makes me tired so I was getting a triple whammy of lethargy.  I’m back now to writing and will keep yall posted on […]


On Dec 28, 2013 I got in my car, leaving the place I was using at, and was gonna drive my car into a brick wall.  I picked up the phone and called my mom.  I told her I wanted to die and she said just get home and she’d take me to ER.  I […]