Im back again!

What a journey! It took mistakingly clicking on a song called Sign of the Times by Harry Styles to wake up me and my passion! I’ll fill yall in on what’s been going on and continue with my story….finally

My Stint in the Mental Ward

We had to make a CD cover, with the front representing how people see you. On the inside, we had to list songs that explained how we really are: on the outside was a beautiful orange daisy. On the inside my 8 songs were: Who wants to live forever-Queen; Living on the edge-Aerosmith; Stairway to […]

Back on the Air

Hello everyone! I’ve just gotten out of the hospital today. I’ve been in for a total of one month.  I’m getting back to writing my story “Too Damaged” and I’ve got some doozies to tell yall about my latest adventures.  Tomorrow starts our adventure together again!  I’m looking forward to it.


Well, mom and Jorie got into a fight last night and mom moved out today.  I had to tell them I was not getting in the middle of this one because my sobriety depends on me doing what I have to do to stay clean.  It’s the first time I’ve not taken sides and stayed […]