The Butt Plug

My aunt Jorie had diarrhea yesterday and used a bunch of wadded up toilet paper to plug up the situation.  Well, during the night she lost the “butt plug” as I called it.  Today the cable went out and she was on the phone with AT&T.  I saw the blind dog had stepped on the power strip and cut off the cable so I told her she could hang up with AT&T.  She said bye to the man.  I looked up and saw the huge wadded up toilet paper and hollered out, “I found your butt plug”.  At that moment I heard the AT&T man say, “excuse me, I’m still on the phone”.  My aunt was mortified and I heard mom howling with laughter in the next room.  You just know the AT&T man was telling the “butt plug” story the rest of the day!


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