Just Mayo

I have to start off explaining who the cast of characters are:

Tammie – my ex of 17 years (read my Too Damaged story); Vicki (her oldest sister);  Sammy (Vicki’s husband); Robert (her dad, which would make him Sammy’s father-in-law)

Funny story, Sammy fell asleep, and Robert said, “son if you fall asleep with your mouth open like that son, you’re gonna wake up with my dick in your mouth”.   Well, Sammy fell asleep on the sofa and Robert put mayonnaise on Sammy’s mustache and stood over him with his dick in his hand.  When Sammy woke up, Robert said, “thanks son, that was good”.  Sammy rubbed his hand over his mustache and saw the mayonnaise and thought it was cum and started screaming like a girl and yelled “Daddy, what have you done”. Don’t pass out around me or Robert obviously.


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