Cop Who Saved Me

A cop saved my life back in 1998….I don’t know his name, but in Grand Rapids, MI, Tammie and I were pulled over at 4:00am in a stolen car (total shocker there) and he asked me what was in the box (plastic container I kept all my “works” for shooting up in).  I said don’t stick your hand in there , cause if you get stuck with the needles I use, It’ll fuck up your life like mine is.  He just stared at me.  I began to tell him and the four other cops what was in the “box” and what my life had become.  He said in his 20 years of being a cop, NO one had been that truthful.  I said, “I’m tired and I wanna die….please help me!”  He took me to jail and even though I had outstanding warrants in GA, he let me go.  He said “get to rehab or die in 2 weeks”.  I said” what do you mean.”  He said” how much do you weigh?”  I said, “130 lbs.”  He said, “honey, you weigh 100 lbs soaking fucking wet.”  It was the first time I had looked at myself and he was right.  I weighed 96 lbs.  He arrested Tammie and let me go.  I went straight to rehab….the one where I was told i was “too damaged” for help……hence the title of my book.


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