Well, mom and Jorie got into a fight last night and mom moved out today.  I had to tell them I was not getting in the middle of this one because my sobriety depends on me doing what I have to do to stay clean.  It’s the first time I’ve not taken sides and stayed […]

Meds 1/14/14

I’m having my bipolar meds adjusted.  I was getting too much Lithium and that was causing me to sleep for the last 2 days.  I already have Hep C and cirrhosis which makes me tired so I was getting a triple whammy of lethargy.  I’m back now to writing and will keep yall posted on […]

Lost Old Lady

August 31, 2013 The following is a post from Facebook I did chronicling the adventure of my Aunt Jorie trying to get home from the Perimeter Mall area.  She was going to a party off Old Snellville Road and somehow ended up next to Perimeter Mall: #1  Have you ever tried to talk an old […]

Birds & Wild Wings

My Aunt Jorie has been concerned that the birds that visit her bird feeder have flown the coop.  I told her it’s too cold and they come in the morning and evening.  Well, that wasn’t good enough, so she called “Wild Wings” and started talking to them about the bird food, feeder, types of birds, […]

The Butt Plug

My aunt Jorie had diarrhea yesterday and used a bunch of wadded up toilet paper to plug up the situation.  Well, during the night she lost the “butt plug” as I called it.  Today the cable went out and she was on the phone with AT&T.  I saw the blind dog had stepped on the […]

Jorie in Reverse

While I was in rehab, I called my mom and she told me this latest Jorie Story.  My aunt Jorie was real upset because she couldn’t get her car to go into reverse.  She came in and made mom get up and go outside to check it out.  Mom went out to the car and […]

The First Time

I remember the first time I liked feeling different.  My father died when I was 8 years old and the doctor gave mom some medicine to calm me down.  I took that first teaspoon of that relaxing concoction and felt such warmth and peace.  I didn’t worry about molesting boss-man #1 or anything else.  I […]